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Media Options

If you think about it, all media (Digital, TV, Radio, Outdoor, Print, etc) are essentially tools in a toolbox. The mistake that business owners and ad agency media buyers make is that they assume that the best results come from using several different media tools on every project they encounter.

Our view? If all you need is a screwdriver, then just use a screwdriver. 

Using multiple media is rarely a good idea unless you have sufficient budget to do it correctly. The concept of “media mix” is quaint, but it’s rarely appropriate. We aren’t advocates of sprinkling small amounts of our client’s advertising budget across several media platforms. It simply won’t create any long-lasting or effective impact. It’s better to concentrate your marketing dollars in one or possibly two advertising mediums to achieve the best results.

As an affiliated media client, we’ll perform a no-cost assessment of your business and customer profile to determine the best media options for your specific needs. Best of all, we can show you how we achieved marketing success for similar businesses in your industry category.

So, what are the best advertising tools in the media toolbox?

Here again, it depends on the project and budget. In many cases we find that the best results come from electronic media options. Because consumers spend so much time per day with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and TV-style products, it only makes sense that our recommendations tend to lean in that direction.