Media Expertise & Leverage

Affiliated Media

Media Expertise & Leverage

Our staff is comprised entirely of people with extensive experience working for various media companies (Digital, TV, Radio, Out-Of-Home, etc) and that’s given us a unique perspective that most advertising agencies don’t have.

Did you know that the vast majority of people employed at advertising agencies have no experience working inside the media industry?

Frankly, that’s a bit like running a restaurant without ever having worked in a kitchen. It’s a crazy way to run a business, and yet that’s how virtually all ad agencies operate.

At Affiliated Media we use our considerable media knowledge and experience to get our clients more exposure for their advertising dollar. 

Equally important, because we purchase advertising for more than 50+ clients, we have unprecedented buying leverage with every branch of media.

Because we buy so much advertising for so many different businesses, we also have the ability to compare rates, terms, and opportunities that an agency or in-house media buyer wouldn’t have access to.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that we’re among the largest purchasers of media in every market where we operate. 

Affiliated Media clients consistently pay the lowest advertising rates and always enjoy the most favorable terms…and all at $0 additional cost.