Affiliated Media LLC - An Innovative Approach to Media and Advertising


Affiliated Media

An Innovative Approach to Media and Advertising

As Our Name Implies, We’re An Advertising Firm That Specializes In The Business of Media

From cutting-edge digital to traditional mediums like TV, Radio, and Out-Of-Home, we know the media and advertising industry like nobody else. The reason? Our team consists solely of people that have spent decades working behind-the-scenes inside the media business.

Our firsthand knowledge and experience provide us with a unique understanding of how to create and purchase media more efficiently and effectively. As a result, our clients get far more exposure and better results for their investment.

We assist businesses with the creation, production, and purchasing of their advertising.

Our client roster reads like a who’s who of several of the best known and most successful businesses located throughout the west. While we’re frequently compared to conventional advertising agencies, you’ll find that our business model and operating philosophy is refreshingly different.

We do things differently.

Affiliated Media was founded on the simple premise that advertising needn’t be expensive to be effective.

You won’t pay monthly retainers or hourly fees

You won’t be asked to sign a contract

You’ll benefit from our enormous purchasing leverage

You’ll save time and money

Our client experience covers a wide spectrum of businesses and industries.

Our collective knowledge and expertise aren’t confined to a single category. We suspect that you may be familiar with several of these companies and organizations.

Why we’re good at what we do

Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be visiting this website if you were completely happy with your current advertising, right?

You’re in good company. All of our clients were once in the same position until they made the decision to hire us. To be sure, nearly every business (and business owner) we’ve ever worked with has had strong ideas and opinions on how their advertising should look, sound, and cost. We’ve dealt with every sort of hard-nosed and opinionated business operator that you can imagine.

But we’re not pushovers.

Fact is, our job isn’t to rubberstamp and approve every marketing idea that our clients come up with. In many cases, we’ve had the unenviable task of telling clients that their ideas and opinions were either misguided or flat-out wrong. No, we weren’t looking to be argumentative or confrontational, but our job is to grow our client’s business…and sometimes that means telling them things they might not like hearing.

The good news is that businesses that follow our marketing recommendations always come away happier and more profitable…and that’s a very good thing!