What We Do

What We Do

What We Do


TV, Radio, Outdoor, Print, Digital, you name it and we know it. Fact is, our team members have spent the majority of their working careers employed inside the media industry in various positions.


Simply because we know the media industry from the inside out…and that’s important because our clients get the benefit of our many years working inside the media business. Unlike conventional ad agencies and media buying firms, we have firsthand knowledge of how the media industry works and how to get the best value for our clients. We know what works…and what doesn’t. In our opinion, if you haven’t worked behind-the-scenes in the media business (and the majority of people working in advertising industry haven’t) you really can’t know the best way to help a client navigate the complex world of marketing and advertising.


Traditional Media

What We Do – Traditional Media

TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, we’ve worked behind the scenes with each of these branches of media. We know the strengths (and weaknesses) for each, and we know the best way for our clients to take advantage of the inherent opportunities that each medium offers.

Because we purchase so much advertising for so many different companies, we have a keen sense of where the best deals can be found. We’re able to steer our clients to where they’ll get the best value for their advertising dollar.

Do we favor one medium over another? No, our only goal is to make sure that each of our clients get the results they’re looking for. We’d be happy to show you examples of what has worked for our other clients and assist you in tailoring a media strategy that’ll generate optimal results based on your individual budget.

Digital Media

What We Do – Digital Media

The digital revolution has provided business with a multitude of targeted marketing, and social media tools. But if you find yourself overwhelmed by the ever-changing complexity of the digital universe, rest assured that we’re not. In fact, at Affiliated Media we’ve partnered with teams of experts who handle the digital marketing for some of the largest and best-known regional and national companies.

No matter the size of your company, we can literally handle every aspect of your firm’s digital marketing and social media needs. SEO, SEM, social media, mobile media, site design, information architecture, networking, hosting, you name it and we do it...best of all, we’ll coordinate all of your digital needs locally…which means faster service and at a better price!

Let us perform a no-cost assessment of your current digital and social media systems and offer suggestions on how we might improve on them. We’ll give you a no-nonsense quote on what it would cost for us to manage all of your digital and social media assets. Honestly, we think you’ll be impressed by what we have to offer?!

Creative Services

What We Do – Creative Services

At a typical advertising agency you’ll find several creative people on the payroll, (graphic artists, copywriters, web designers, etc…) But at Affiliated Media we’ve chosen to take advantage of the large pool of freelance graphic artists, copywriters, video editors, digital programmers, and photographers available on the West Coast.

Many of the freelance professionals we hire are currently working on projects for some of the biggest names in business (Do names Nike, Intel, GM, or Disney sound familiar?) but these gifted artisans choose to work as self-employed subcontractors. Fact is, many creative people don’t have an interest in working full-time for an advertising agency. Many prefer the freedom and flexibility that freelance work affords them.

We like that too.

In our view, it simply doesn’t make sense to limit our clients’ creative options to a few in-house staffers. Rather than employing a full-time creative department, we’ve chosen to outsource our creative on an “as-needed” basis. This saves our clients from paying for unnecessary overhead, and it also gives each client the ability to pick from a virtually limitless talent pool.

We’d be happy to show you the work that our creative friends have done. We think you’ll be impressed with what you see, and how economical it is to do business this way.